Kaon Capital’s integrated online trading platform allows convenient control of your investment and hedging decision-making. Choose from a wide range of instruments to suit your risk profile, with a consolidated view to manage your overall exposure across assets.

JSE Futures Trading

      • Low trading costs
      • Direct trading into the live market
      • Access the equity market liquidity with settlement in futures with our unique passthrough technology
      • Margin is a fraction of exposure value
      • Real market prices and liquidity (not just a single market maker)
      • Stop-loss functionality
      • Active risk management
      • Access to a dedicated dealing room
      • All trades centrally cleared through JSE Clear
      • Sophisticated graphing tools – Create your own indicators
Single Stock Futures Index Futures Currency Futures Commodity Futures Interest Rate & Bond Futures
CHEAP: Low trading costs
EFFICIENT: Direct market access
GEARED: Trade on margin
LIQUID: Trade the market
    Trade stocks & settle futures
Liquidity sourced off-screen
CONTROL: Active risk management
VISUALISE: Sophisticated graphing
SAFETY: Central clearing through JSE Clear

Useful info:

JSE Derivatives Market Margin Calculators
JSE Derivatives Market Futures Expiry Calculator
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