Equity trading & structuring

  • Portfolio construction, optimisation and asset allocation
  • Equity Share Ownership Plans (ESOPs)
  • Share buyback structuring
  • Index compilation and calculation
  • Exotic instrument pricing
  • Implied volatility surface modelling
  • Product back-testing

FX trading & structuring

  • FX management and hedging
  • Price discovery and trading
  • Bespoke treasury solutions structuring

Fixed Income trading & structuring

  • Portfolio construction, optimisation, and asset allocation
  • Scenario analysis
  • Yield curve sensitivity analysis
  • Credit spread modelling
  • Exotic instrument pricing
  • Implied volatility surface modelling
  • Real return valuations

Risk Management

  • Derivatives overlays
  • Structured product development and pricing
  • Yield curve analysis and management
  • Portfolio analysis and construction
  • Capital markets regulatory risk management
  • Cashflow hedging and FX structuring
  • Commodity price hedging (both for producers and consumers)

Corporate FX solutions

Kaon Capital’s comprehensive suite of traditional OTC hedging solutions, futures and structured products facilitates optimal hedging solutions for your business needs, and gives you direct access to competitive, wholesale rates.

  • Spot & Forward Exchange Contract (FEC) Trading
  • Integrated invoices & FX dealing
  • Automated BOP Forms
  • CFC Offset & Management
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